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Well you can if you choose to dress yourself in a freaky looking, blood stained Leatherface costume from the infamous film series, the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The best thing is that you

 can buy a great Leatherface costume right here today and still get the best price on the net.

Have yo seen the original horror classic, the Texas Chainsaw Massacre? A film in which we see the Hewitt family terrorizing Texas with their murderous and sickening ways. If you have then you’ll know that Thomas Hewitt, also known as Leatherface, is one of the most scariest movie characters off all time. The sound of his Chainsaw revving up in the distance was enough to get people hiding behind the sofa … and now you can look just like the fiend that is Leatherface and win all those Halloween prizes.

Some say that he was insane, some say he was just controlled by his family. Whatever the truth was we know that Leatherface is a sadistic and violent killer who wore the faces of his victims upon his own face.

This quality made costume will enable you to look just like Leatherface this Halloween. If there are prizes to be won at the next Halloween party you attend then you are sure to be one of those ones taking those prizes home. You’ll send chills down the spines of people who see you dressed up as this fiend.

The costume has the classic brown apron that which see Leatherface wearing in the movies, only this one isn’t blood stained but with some fake blood that can soon be remedied. The top half of the costume includes the white, dirty looking shirt with the scruffy red tie. The costume is completed with the addition of a very realistic mask which fits nicely over the head and includes the stitched, mangled face and messy, greasy hair of Leatherface.

There are just a couple of things you need to add for yourself to make the costume truly authentic and that is a dirty pair of blue jeans or trousers and some big black boots or shoes. The costume would also be finished off very well with an authentic chainsaw accessory, complete with bloody stains and realistic noises. This is your chance to look really terrifying this halloween season.

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Why should it be the men that have all the fun? Well it doesn’t have to be with this sexy twist on a Leatherface costume which provides a sexy alternative for all the ladies out there. Even better you could both go dressed as Leatherface this Halloween, she could wear the sexy costume and you could wear the scary costume.

The Mrs Leatherface costume isn’t quite as horrific as the men’s costume but then it isn’t supposed to be. It includes a perfectly made and fitted short dress which is purposely cut with a lagged edge along the bottom. The collar is open at the top making this dress very sexy indeed.

All this costume needs to be finished off is a pair of sexy black boots, a fake authentic Leatherface Chainsaw accessory and some dark makeup.

It’s not all about the scare factor this Halloween!

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So maybe you and your other half are attending your Halloween party this year dressed as Mr and Mrs Leatherface, well why not involve the whole family and buy a kids Leatherface costume for your son and all the family can go dressed as Leatherface.

This Leatherface child costume is available in small, medium and large and is currently in stock and ready to ship for Halloween. It comes complete with the classic brown apron that we see with the adult costume, the dirty white shirt and a red tie. The costume is nicely finished off with a Leatherface mask which adds to the overall effect.

This costume can be completed with a pair of child’s blue jeans, a pair of black shoes, some fake blood and a Chainsaw accessory from the accessories available at

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Who Was Leatherface?

The first assumption to come to is that Leatherface is nothing by a sadistic and sick killing machine, that is what the movie portrays him as. But the only reason that Leatherface appears to be like that is because of his family. His family are just as sick, if not sicker, than Leatherface himself and are all murderous cannibals. It is Leatherface’s family who are behind the killer, they are the ones who encourage him to kill and goad him on in his actions.

The family of Leatherface are central to the entire story and are an inbred bunch of southern yokels. They order their facially deformed son, Leatherface, to collect and kill their victims so that the resat of the family can eat them and get pleasure from their death. In particular, one of the elder brothers of Leatherface is actually a trained chef and he boasts that he has used some of the victims they have “collected” in his own cooking and fed them to the locals.

There have been many films and spin-offs from the original movie, in fact the original collection of films consisted of no less than 4 movies. These were followed in 2003 with prequel which details the beginnings of Leatherface and how his killing spree started.

Movies include Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Texas Chainsaw Massacre II, Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre III and Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation.

It was originally made to look like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre was true but it actually wasn’t, although there are some resemblances to a real life murderer “Ed Gein”.  Ed Gein was dubbed by the press as the real Leatherface.

Ed Gein was a notorious murderer and body snatcher who lived in Wisconsin and reached notoriety for the murders which he committed around his home town. In addition to that Gein was also known to have exhumed corpses from graves in order to make trophies and mantle pieces from them.

Police found the bodies of two of Gein’s victims in his Wisconsin farm house back in 1954 and Gein was tried and sentenced to life imprisonment for the two murders. Ed Gein spent the rest of his life in a mental hospital where he died in 1984.