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Texas Chainsaw Travis County Sign

texas chainsaw travis county sign for halloween

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For anyone who has seen the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies you will know what we mean when we talk about Travis County. Travis County is a small county of Southern Texas which plays home to the monster that we all know as Leather face, Thomas Hewitt.

Well this Halloween you can now play host to your very own Travis County with this highly authentic and realistic Travis County road sign. It’s time to invite your guests into the slaughter …. we mean party! This very realistic and chilling road sign points the way to the Travis County with a severed and gangrenous hand, probably the hand of one of Thomas Hewitt’s victims.

The sign is made from plastic but looks like wood with the brown coloring and areas of shading throughout. The text on the sign looks hand written in red paint (or blood) and simply reads “Welcome To Travis County Texas” … welcome not really the thing Thomas Hewitt had in mind when his victims found themselves in the infamous Travis County.

The sign is made from plastic so you will need to make sure it’s not exposed to any naked flames. It’s made in a height of 14 inches by 20 inches wide. The product is an officially licensed Texas Chainsaw product so you can except exceptional quality just like with all of the Texas Chainsaw costumes and products available to buy.

This sign is the perfect addition to any Halloween party, especially if you’re planning on going dressed in a Leatherface costume.

Leatherface Chainsaw Accessory

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Just cast your mind back to the origional Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie, if you are old enough then you will remember hiding behind the sofa when Leatherface comes running through the woods with his powerful Leatherface chainsaw revving in the background. The sound of the chainsaw and Leatherface’s large boots running through the woods was enough to put the frighteners up anyone.

Well this Halloween you are going to be looking to scare your mates and get the best possible effect when you turn up trick-or-treatin or arrive at your Halloween party. This Leatherface Chainsaw accessory is the number one accessory to go along side the Leatherface costume and it’s something which is bought by everyone who buys the Texas Chainsaw costume.

This powerful and noisy bloody stained Leatherface chainsaw accessory is authentic in every single detail. It comes complete with the yellow chainsaw handle, a large silver blade (plastic) which is stained in the blood of Leatherface’s victims and lastly comes with realistic chainsaw noises.

So this Halloween your Leatherface look and terror is going to be something your friends are going to need to watch out for. You’re going to look just like Thomas Hewitt from the Texas Chainsaw movies with this fantastic accessory and your Leatherface mask or costume.

Leatherface Mask

leatherface-maskGoodness me, did you ever see a Halloween mask as scary as this, close up this is really going to put the frighteners up people when they see it. This mask would be the perfect Halloween accessory for this years Halloween season.

This Leatherface mask is a perfect replica for the real Leatherface. His mask is made up from the skin cuts of many of his victims and he wears it to cover the deformities of his own evil face. A perfect addition to this mask would be a Leatherface chainsaw accessory.

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This mask has all of the details and addons that you need to look just like the horrifically scary character that is Thomas Hewitt (AKA Leatherface). Beginning with the top of the head, the mask has a full head of dark brown, greecy hair, this hair is folded back across the top of the mask to reveal the stiching. Moving further down you can see that the mask has been stiched together at various points of the face, making it look just like the real thing. The nose and the mouth of this face as deformed and look just like Leatherface’s own mask.

If you want to really scare your mates this Halloween then you should really get yourself a Leatherface mask. If you want to achieve an even better effect then why not get yourself a Leatherface costume, most of the costumes available for sale actually include a Leatherface mask anyway and only cost a few more dollars.