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Leatherface Chainsaw Accessory

leatheface-chainsawAvailable To Buy Now Here

Just cast your mind back to the origional Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie, if you are old enough then you will remember hiding behind the sofa when Leatherface comes running through the woods with his powerful Leatherface chainsaw revving in the background. The sound of the chainsaw and Leatherface’s large boots running through the woods was enough to put the frighteners up anyone.

Well this Halloween you are going to be looking to scare your mates and get the best possible effect when you turn up trick-or-treatin or arrive at your Halloween party. This Leatherface Chainsaw accessory is the number one accessory to go along side the Leatherface costume and it’s something which is bought by everyone who buys the Texas Chainsaw costume.

This powerful and noisy bloody stained Leatherface chainsaw accessory is authentic in every single detail. It comes complete with the yellow chainsaw handle, a large silver blade (plastic) which is stained in the blood of Leatherface’s victims and lastly comes with realistic chainsaw noises.

So this Halloween your Leatherface look and terror is going to be something your friends are going to need to watch out for. You’re going to look just like Thomas Hewitt from the Texas Chainsaw movies with this fantastic accessory and your Leatherface mask or costume.